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Manis we missed from 2013- Part 2

Ready for part two.   We are starting around Halloween and going to Christmas.   I love holiday nails.   They are always fun, and there so many great ideas to try out there.Was able to incorporate my broke thumb nails pretty well. Super excited about tomorrow.   I have my Bestie nails coming up […]

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Manis we missed from 2013- Part 1

So even though I have been gone from here I still have been painting my nails.   I do have over 800 bottles plus I can make any color I dream up, so I kept painting.   Not as often but still frequently.   So I am going to do a couple post to show […]

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Its been several months

So the last several months has been quite a ride for me.   I haven’t posted since the summer, and since then so much has changed.    At my job, I received more responsibility.   Which is great, and I think I can handle it.   Though now I have even more while we are […]

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