September 5, 2012

Flame Point Siamese from Kunimitsu Nail Potions


So I am trying to get back into blogging. I have just felt really out of touch with it. I need to get back into doing it when I want to and not because it is an obligation. Regardless of if anyone reads it or not. I think I was focusing more on the external feedback from the blog than enjoying the sharing and writing. Not very many people comment anyway and that was getting me down when it shouldn’t have. I think you are all just looking at the photos :P So to jump back in, I have a lot of stored up manis, I am bring you one from an indie line. I got several from Kunimitus Nail Potions and I am excited to share this one.  As soon as I saw that she had kitty named polishes, I knew I had to have them! I love my kitties so this makes it even that much better.   This is a white polish with metallic red and blue small hex glitters. We have 2 coats of Flame Point in various lighting, ranging from sun, shade and indoor flourescent. I love the way this looks. I am starting to have a obsession with white based polishes.    It was very easy to apply and dried fast, me and dry times I know.Feel free to check her out at her Etsy shop.  She has several other polishes that I love and will be showing here in the weeks to come!