September 27, 2012

Vegas Nails for a friend


I have found that I am very slow when I go to paint others nails.  It took me forever.  Though I also tend to talk a lot, and eat some food, but still.  Happy with how they turned out and she said she was as well. This is her right hand. She has 4 of a kind in 7’s, and Westside Wonderland from Butter london on her right fingers. Simple water marble on thumb with Essie’s As Gold as it Gets.Same with the other hand but you can not have 7’s twice and so we there for put all Aces on her hands.

I am thinking I need to do more nail art.  One because I like it and two because I need to be faster at it  :P

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September 25, 2012

Hula Love…


>My mom has over that past couple years has developed a real love of Hula.  She is in a hula group, and performs at events.  I personally really like the Hula group since they do a lot to give back to the community.  This year their performance was  huge hit.  I have helped the past few years with their silent auction.  This year with the help of my mom I made an exclusive collection based on the themes for the event.  From songs to places in Hawaii this collection is really special.  One was made to be auctioned off at the event the other till be auctioned off on my website.  This was the basket for the silent auction!

So in the upcoming days I will be posting a notice on when the Auction will be going up on the Polished Components facebook. Keep an eye open for it since 100% of the price will be donated to the Scholarship fund


On the day of the event I wanted to paint my nails something Hawaiian.  So this is what I came up with after several other designs at midnight the night before. 

I painted white hibiscus’s on a black background then matted it. I love how they turned out.

It also helped when the Hubby help the camera for me, atleast on the two handed picture.

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September 22, 2012


Juno feature

I love all the pictures I took of this polish.  Which is odd since I did it on a rainy day in a darkish bedroom.  But here is Juno.  I love this purple.  This is two coats and a top coat.  

There is a slight duo but the pictures just turn out purple. I then wanted to add some Finger Paint Flakes to it. I then wanted to matte the whole thing. It turned out fanominal.

Just as a note I also have my sale going on. Check it since it end Monday!

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September 19, 2012


fish feature

I am very excited to bring you a friends polish.  I ended up getting 4 polishes, and this is the one I chose to wear first.  It is Fish.  This picture is 2 coats with a top coat.  It was almost so covering though that a 2 coat was almost not needed. 

      Oddly enought I only took one picture. Well that sounds like a lie, I took alot but only outdoors, and I find it slightly redundant to post more in the same light… they all look the same!    This polish is really amazing though.   I love it alot more than I even thought I would. My husband even commented on it… and by now he is pretty immune to my polish wearing. It went on really smooth, but was a pain to take odd, as is most glitter. I am very excited about wearing the other 3 I got from her soon! Check out her online store, The Nail Junkie , there are alot of really fun colors and finishes.


Sorry about the sparatic post.   I have my new job as the Sub coordinator at my company and I have been either really busy or really tired… kinda of combindation of both.  Thanks for sticking in there with me though.  I should have some exciting news coming soon!  (In the form of a sale and new release)!

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