Phoenix Over Arizona

When I put this combo together I didn’t realize how freakin cute the names were together.   I used Zoya Arizona and topped it with Pretty and Polished Phoenix.   I love how they look but the name is so funny! Arizona is a great creamy bright orange and goes on really shiny. I like wearing oranges since it helps to activate my solar plex chakra.

But I also wanted to wear Phoenix that I had recently got. I really the tiny matte look and will probably have a lot more of my own looking like it since I love it so much. So I put one coat over Arizona

So when I try to show all my fingers with a tiny bottle it is just awkward, but the next is better looking.

I loved this glitter. Was way easy to put on and looked great. A lot of time you have to glitter place but not this time. Well check out her pre-order for this and other great polishes…. I will have a few more from her soon!

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