DS Extravagance & Street Magic

So this is the second day of a very picture heavy post so here we go.I love this one.  This is two coats in the sunshine.Have to also have a shade one.

I just love all the DS colors.  This shimmer with so much win.  But then I thought, how can I make it better.Add a coat of Street Magic by Girly Bits!My fingers were practically glowing from every angle! I loved this!  Pictures can not even accurately describe the win that was on my fingers.Even in the inside shady no light but reflected wall light these looked amazing!  You can just see the color in them!Thanks for sticking with my for the long post, but I just loved all the pictures.  This polish was amazing to photograph.  Not often to I actually just stare at my nails but this combo was one were I did.  I recommend that everyone wear it.  Check out this and other of her polishes at her online store.

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