Jasper Jade

I am bring you one of my older polishes today.  I am sad, in that I know when I first started out, I threw out a lot of polish thinking it was no good since it didn’t water marble right.  I now know some just don’t want to work with that.   Well this one was saved from that cut so I though I would bring you it.  Mind you I think I could have gotten slightly better pictures with afternoon sun vs evening but oh well. It is an almost blackened emerald-green.  I love the shine it has to it.  Though because it is so dark it is hard to get good picture.  The indoor lighting isn’t bad.   I finally cleaned off my desk so in theory I should be able to get my light box out and put it to good use.  And evening light always makes my fingers look darker than they are.  But this was two coats and a top coat.  I am very pleased with how this looks and I love how long it lasted on my nails… must have been all those bad chemicals :)  I hope you enjoyed this!On another note I get to go and do some nail art on a ladies nails tomorrow.  I am a little nervous…. so wish me luck.

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