July 2, 2012


granite feature

So this has to be the most unique polish that I have.  And for me that is saying a lot.  I own a lot of polish (700ish).  When I was getting some NAIL-VENTUROUS polish I just really liked how different this one looked.  Plus is a rock name so extra bonus points there,  I love gems, rocks, and crystals ( I have tons).  So after I put it on I just kept staring at my fingers.  It was so different.  I kept thinking: no, is it thick enough, maybe another coat, is that white glitter?  All day long I would catch myself looking at it.  It is so pretty and unique!  It is a white based polish with many different glitters in is ranging from small black glitter to larger copper hexes.   There are also some medium white hexes in it as well along small copper glitter as well.  It is also very smooth to the touch even though is does actually look like granite!It covered great with just two coats and was very shiny even without a top coat… but I did put one on, habits die hard.   All in all I am in love with this polish.  I had several people comment on what neat looking polish it was.  I love so far all I have tried from Amy’s polishes.  She is no longer making them, so I am super happy I was able to get this a few others when I did.  If you get a moment stop by and check out her blog.  Her pictures are also to die for!

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