Tips in Zuzu

It was so odd. Last night I was mixing up some polish and watching netflix when I got into my head it was Saturday. When I figured out it was actually Monday night I was pretty sad. Ever do that? Suddenly just convince yourself that its not a weekday…. Oh well. Its actually Tuesday and I have such a hugely busy week plus allergies that are trying to take me out that making it through this week will be awesome. Today I am bringing you some tips I did awhile ago….you can tell it was a while since nails are long and there is sun. But its tips with Zoya Zuzu.I love how this turned out.  I think it was just fun and then added some white dots with Trixie dots too.  It just outlined the tips a little more.  Now sadly my nails are too short for this…. I ripped one off a day ago moving a table.  So they all became nubs.  You will see them in pictures coming up.  I hope you love this mani and once my nails grow out you should see this style more on me since it is a mixture of classy and fun with color.

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