It’s monday people and you know what that means… WORK!!! hahaha!  I have been noticing lately that I have been having migraines.  And I know by typing about it here I am attracting more of it but I think the only reason I have been having them it because I have been reading about so many people having them on facebook.  Now I know I am now adding to the power these are having but I just want to say they suck!  I am now going to focus my energy else where so that I can feel better.  And what better way to distract me from my head… a holo polish!  Today I bring you Artemis. So this was in theory the first of the HITS that I ordered.  I won’t lie in telling you that I most excited for this polish.  I saw on the website white holo, and knew I had to have it.  I had yet to see a white holo, most were colored or silver at best.Well as you can see from this picture it isn’t white.  I was pretty bummed about it.  I expected white.  And while this is the whitest I have seen, it is still slightly silver.  The website now reflects the changed color when ordering from Llarowe.So far ever picture has been a sunlight picture.  They show the true linear holo that is in there.
This picture is with my artificial sun lamp.  The linear holo is still there just not as bright.  This took 3 coats as the polish was very sheer, and I hate seeing a nail line.Here we have indoor florescent lighting.  I do like that the holo is strong enough to be seen with regular lighting.  The 3 coats of this seemed to dry faster than the 2 coats of Ares from a few days ago.  The polish did apply really smooth and was easy to work with.Full shade picture is where you can really tell that this is a silver.  In the end I liked this color, but if I would have known what color it really was I would have probably picked a different one to order.  I am though still happy with how this one looks and it is pretty in its own right.   Today I will leave you with my Eirwen.  This picture is so funny and kinda shows her funny personality.