Ares weekend

So this is sad I have so many swatches, now I just need to make time to write about them.  Have been busy with work and dancing, along with cooking.  I haven’t cooked  on a normal basis in a while and it is nice and a little fun to get back into it.  But I am very excited to bring you my first HITS No Olimpo.  It is a polish from Brazil if I recall correctly and it is an amazing holo.This picture has one of the polish in shade and one with the artificial sunlight I have.  There was no sun til later.  I do have a sun picture though not to worry :)Here is the shade shot.  As you can see it is a wonderful cherry red.  I love that the linear holo effect is strong enough that you can still see it even when not in direct sun.  I have had many holos that you wouldn’t know were holo will sun hit it directly.More of the artificial sun lamp.  I was worried that the sun would never come out and since I live in Oregon that is a really worry.   Well this is 2 coats Ares with a top coat of SV.  Now the dry time on this polish is terrible.  I constantly was waiting to put the next layer on because it will seemed wet.  Now I know the dry time is longer because this I would classify as a jelly like polish but ehhhhh

Here is it under fluorescent indoor lights.  Now other than the dry time the polish was great to apply.  And was pretty shiny even before the SV went on.  After the SV thought it was just amazingly glossy looking.  Now for the amazing last picture in this picture heavy post.The direct sunlight shot!  So as you can see I just am in love with this cherry holo.  I have several holos that could count as red but this one is truly red with a great linear holo.  Other than the dry time this polish is great.  Will I get more probably.  If you are wondering where to get this and other polish check out Llarowe.  She carries a great supply of polishes from everywhere and CS is great too.