Mint Apple

So today I am bring you Mint apple by Sinful today.  I got to spent time with husband and the whole weekend flew by.  Hoping all of yours went well.  Today was the “first day” of the weekend, but technically we got friday too.  I am excited just a little since next week I have a 4 day work week again… not bad but I have jury duty on friday….poop.  This is one of my favorite sinful colors I own.  I like that it has a silver ting to it.  This was 2 coats.

It applied well.  For the price sinful is a great brand they dry well and are consistently pretty good.  They have a wide range of colors and are pretty.  Also I am not just bringing you polish today I am going to try and bring one piece of jewelry every time I blog… we will see how on task I can be with this, but today is what I learned today.  For the first time ever doing this I really like how it turned out.  I know my next time will look even better.  Check out my Esty Store!