Happy halloween!

Just a quick note to say happy halloween out there.  It was a quite evening once again.  We had one tricker treater, so our average is now 1 per year :S  But hubby did surprise me with carving pumpkins tonight!  And holy crap that is so much work!  I don’t rememeber it being that hard when I was younger.  But anyway.  Have a safe and fun holiday!

I did the welcome, he did the house!


My first post from an all new self hosted revamped site

So here we go folks.  It is slightly different being on a self hosted server.  The transition over was not an easy one either.  I have to give a huge shout out to my husband without whom all my previous post would not be here today.  I am also giving out a huge thank you to the wonderful blogger from Nails Adorn, Jamie.  She was the one who gave life to the vision of how I wanted this blog to look.  The scrolls and shiny parts, … sigh… its magical.  Now for those of you who have met me in real life know I say “It’s Magical” at least 8 times a day.  I find that the more you enjoy things and find them magical, the more the universe will give you in things just like it.  So the wonderful Jamie also added that little catch phrase of mine to the top.  I now have this wonderful looking blog, header for my etsy store, and a business card!  So very excited.  With this new self hosted blog comes the ability to finally follow me!  Yes you are no longer just confined to liking my Facebook page, though I still would like you to and appreciate those who have liked it, you may now also follow me!  There is also a link to my esty store to the right as well.  I promise that I will be adding thing to it in the next week… I just have to finish editing pictures and etc.  So Since I know this is a long winded post, I just wanted to thank ever one who reads my blogs, or even just drops in every blue moon to see what I am up to and what I have to offer.  For the future, I am looking at more video blogs or tutorials, since the last one was so much fun.  Also more jewelry, and just general happy posts on things I want to share with you all.  Thanks again and I will leave you with tiny pumpkins…..

This was on my right hand too!


First tutorial

Ok so this my first video every.  Yes I realize there are some kinks to be worked out but I thought it turned out pretty good all thing considered.  I also came to the conclusion that I need a bigger memory card too
I am very happy with how this turned out!  I think that I will be doing more of this as I found it really fun!  I choose the colors because I wanted it to look kind of like a pumpkin, and I think I got pretty close.   Well hope you have a mellow Thursday and enjoy the fact that the week is almost over.