So my new Lighting Box is epic!

I know in the last two post I have been talking about my lighting set up that I just got.  I wanted to share with you what I have.  I got a Portable Lighting Studio.  It came with the lighting box, 2 lights, several backgrounds, a tripod, and carrying case.  I have taken several pictures of it set up on my art desk.

I really love it. It just sets up in seconds and them stores right beside my desk.  I also spend this weekend and last week cleaning and organizing the office, so I thought I would show some pictures of that as well.My art desk is behind and off to the side.  I love how clean and organized our house has become!!!!  Well, I hope you enjoyed learning about my lighting box.


Mermaid by Piggy Polish

I must say that I really have liked this brand whenever I try it.  I have only had a couple other colors but they have all been great.   This color is a sheer opal type of color with a shimmer of green.  I don’t mind wearing it with just this and no under coat of color since my nails are so short and I won’t see the nail line.  I have started playing guitar and need my nails shorter than I normally have them.

This is two coats, it went on really smooth.  The brushes are really small but I think that they applied really well.  I am really sad though about the dry time.   These polishes seem to take forever to dry.

I have another one other like this that I am actually excited to try now due to the lack of nail line that I have now.  And I still love my new light box!!!!!!

With Flash




Freja by Zoya

I am sorry for the  sporadic postings.  Been a busy summer.  I have truly enjoyed my little stint off of blogging.  Not that I haven’t missed it but just that I got to spend some great time with my husband.  Went to Idaho and got back at the beginning of July.   Since then it has just been a whirlwind of things.  I even went more than a week with horrid chipped polish.  So I am back to trying to post, but I am going away this weekend.  Have some scheduled already though so ….. here we go.

I am wearing Zoya’s Freja.  This really is a great medium charcoal like grey.  The color is very pretty but the application I was not that happy with.  It went on kinda sloppy.  I felt like it was slightly thick and the brush was not helping things.  I was also not thrilled with the dry time.  But on the bright side I am getting to try out my new lighting box!!!!  I love how the pictures turned out.  What do you think?

Black background

Lighter background

With flash


MADD – Pure Red Estee Lauder

So MADD stands for mothers against drunk driving.  The link will take you to their website.  I have a hard time posting about this now, because I know that attention to something will only draw it into my experience or give the thing more power.  So I am just going to say that my husband and I have a no tolerance policy about drinking.  If one of us is drinking the other is not.  We will not drink and drive, nor ride with people who have been.  We would rather get a cab.  It is our safety we want.  This does not mean we both don’t drink but when we are both going to we will take a cab.  That $10 ride is worth our safety.  SO back the point.  It is a good organization if you want to be involved.  So as some of the nails bloggers decided to show their support in painting their nails red, I had to join in.  This is my MADD mani!I must say that I love this color and brand.  This was the first time I have ever used an Estee Lauder polish and it was wonderful.   This was one coat!  It applied smooth and easily.  It is a creme and coverage as you can tell is amazing!   But this was one coat that dried moderately fast and then I put a top coat on it.  Brush was easy to use and polish applied great.  I will be getting more since this was such a dream to work with.  I have one other color that will probably be being used soon…. I do have one issue with it though…

the bottle was hard to hold to take a pic with :p