LBGT Pride Mani

So many of the bloggers got together and decided that today should be the day we do our rainbow manis in support of LBGT Pride month, which is this June in case you were curious!  So as you all know I tried last night I was just unhappy with the results from my water marble mani.  I had a completely different picture in my mind than what came out so I thought I would try it again.  I am completely happy with the results I acquired this time around.  I used OPI Purple with  a Purpose, OPI Clubbing till Sunrise, Zoya, Pippa, Zoya Tart, Zoya Shawn, and Zoya Kristi.  I love how it has a slight 70’s retro feel to it.   This was the second hand I did.  I always start with my left which is this….I think the second hand always turns out better, and I did the second while eating a cinnamon roll.   I was thinking of doing a how I did this… but then there are so many videos our there already that it seemed over redundant.


So join in any way you can and help bring awareness to LGBT pride month!  I went to my favorite store LUSH and they are supporting Marriage Equality.  Check it out!  You can buy great stuff and help out a great cause.  I will have to do  post later of the wonderful goodies I got!