June 3, 2011

UFO by Sinful Colors

UFO by Sinful Colors

I decided to go out of the box and use some glitter.  This is sinful Colors orange glitter.  It is a glitter in an orange jelly.  Several different multi colored and slightly holo shapes.  Here is an upclose of two coats and a top coat. 

Dry time wasnt that slow either which was odd.  I expected it to be alot slower due to the jelly part of it. 

I must say I really enjoy Sinful Colors.  They are cheap and work really well.   They also have tons of shades that are bright and not to conservative.  But knowing me I couldn’t leave well enough alone…. so I had to put one of the new OPI Shatters I got over it.  I love my lady as Merle Norman…. she is the sweetest ever.  She holds things for me, calls when new stuff comes in… tells me about upcoming line.    She got me the Blue, Navy, Turquoise, and Red Shatter.  So I decided to use the Turquoise.

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