March 28, 2011

Sinful Color vs Icing

Sinful Color vs Icing

I have two colors that are so very similar.  One from Icing, it has no name but was in a smaller bottle collection.  The other is Sinful colors Dream On.  Both are a neon purple.  The problem with trying to compare them then was obviously the stupid camera. It was positive that I was photographing a pink.  Here is the wonderfully great picture of the “wrong” color.

All lies.....

So I tried without the flash… which got slightly better… ehhhhh…

So not impressed with my camera

So I had to break out the trusty camera phone which in fact got the color almost right…

Ok much much closer

 So back to the real issue at hand.  The two colors went on completely differently.  The Sinful Color was thick and creamy.  Very hard to dry since it was so thick.  Might have gotten away with one coat but for good coverage it took two.  The icing was very thin and translucent almost.  Dried much better but took 3 coats and could have used another.  The Dream on looked very matte untill top coat then looked as shiney as the Icing color.  In the end the color of both is very pretty but a pain.  And this last picture is pretty true to the aactually color of the purple…. yeah camera phone with 3 pixels I guess.

Icing vs. Sinful Colors


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